Vietnamese-American travel blogger


I love writing. I love scuba diving. I love all things ocean

Born and raised in 9th ward New Orleans with deep Vietnamese cultural heritage, It surprises and humbles me everyday when I look around and realize I am currently living in Viet Nam. #manifestthelifeyouwant

I am adventure/outdoor type of traveler, so in between surface intervals I do other things like research about marine protected areas and watch documentaries about being underwater. 

I love writing, which is the real reason I wanted to start this travel blog. I’m also an ever curious about photography. (even though I’m a new beginner) because a photo or video adds a heightened level to the senses.

I noticed not a lot of Vietnamese-Americans were being represented in the travel blogging industry OR in marine conservation OR in higher education. (a few spaces I’ve had to navigate without a fellow Vietnamese)

So, I wanna share some interesting stories, funny pictures, and illuminate to the world that POC travel and marine conservation is much needed in the mainstream. #vietnameseamericantravel #ouroceans

Thanks for spending time with me. I’d love to hear what travel means to you. Because traveling is where I find comfort in the unfamiliar.