One year anniversary

Today marks as one year ago when I finally pushed publish for my own website. I managed to write 15 blog post, create 3 YouTube videos, and grew my IG following to over 1200 followers.

However, I’m not about numbers. I am about quality. I do this because I love writing. I love sharing what I’ve learned traveling and inspire many of my close family and friends to pursue their dreams. Knowing someone who travels personally, increases one’s confidence in their own ability to take a calculated risk into traveling abroad.

I still get nervous about posting the right pictures with the right positive message. I want to inspire, not complain. I want to be the Vietnamese-American female traveler, so the next generation of my family can see themselves achieving the limitless opportunities there are in the world.

I am reminding myself that small-step actions is the way to overcome my perfectionism. Because learning by doing is better than thinking myself into a stagnant position.

More blog and videos to come my friends!

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