The first of many

As a recovering perfectionist, I am finally writing my first travel blog post after 4 months of coming up with excuses of being too busy.

I love doing research and reading all about a topic before I start the project. Creating a travel blog, making Youtube videos, and taking fabulous pictures for the Insta.... was quite overwhelming. 

LIST of things I thought I needed to know before starting:

  • Coding

  • Web Design

  • iMovie

  • Wordpress

  • Plugins

  • AdSense for Youtube

  • Exposure, Aperture, Photography in general.....

After 3 months of a intensive language course.... I finally ran out of excuses. A friend asked me tell a crazy experience in Indonesia. Another friend asked me what's new.... I didn't know how to answer because living here has been so satisfyingly normal. 

Action plan: 

1. Create a reflection/backlog of the past 5 months which includes: volcanos, scuba diving, and being Vietnamese-American in Indonesia. 

2. Finish the last video and get it Youtube ready.....

All because the next 7 months will be full of travel, conferences, more scuba, and research. 

Let's get it!