Traveling back "Home"

Traveling back "Home"

The long journey of traveling back home and reverse culture shock

2019 Sustainable travel, marine conservation, and cultural immersion

2019 Sustainable travel, marine conservation, and cultural immersion

2019 I am sharing more about my passion for sustainable traveling, marine conservation, and cultural immersion Iโ€™ve experienced while traveling abroad. The first post is about where Iโ€™ve been scuba diving, especially in the coral triangle

Travel Bloggin is so d*mn pretentious

Searching and reading a bunch of these "travel blogs" have been quite boring for me. I don't see anything different or new. Thus, I am moving away from the beautifully edited and cookie cutter blog post to a travel diary style. 

I'm going to write what I want, how I want, and in a more relaxed format because trying to emulate the other travel bloggers gives me too much anxiety to be perfect. I didn't feel like myself because I was trying to craft the perfect words for the perfect blog post. NAH! I am doing this blog for myself, therefore.....imma be myself.

I'm a lot funnier in person than the well crafted text I usually write for academic purposes or grants. ๐Ÿ˜‚


Not afraid to be me

Thank Goodness Square Space was invented

Research does pay off.

Looking for something in between Blogger (not pretty, but easy to start) and Wordpress (gorgeous themes, but code by yourself). 

I FOUND SQUARE SPACE. Thanks to a couple friends like @whit.in.wanderlust & Lisa Miles for telling me about it. 

I am in love with the customization, simple design, and almost intuitive design process. 

I finally feel ready to get moving on creating content and tell you some stories about traveling in Southeast Asia, scuba diving, and living in Indonesia.... all through the lens of a Vietnamese-American living the dream she's always wanted. #manifestthelifeyouwant

Let's get it

taken in Malaysia